Dispatches from the Event Horizon

  • Project Architecture: Identity Management

    An overview of an identity management project I lead.

    Auditing application access is an important aspect of securing an application. At a previous gig I was tech lead for ver 1.0 system that did exactly this.


    Monitor HR database for employment changes

    Notify administrators of 19 other systems (downstream systems) of employment status changes for their users.

    Record result of audit. (If the user was removed or not.)

    From 30,000 feet the system would

    Keep a list of all …

  • Social Media Communication Strategy for ECIC

    Here is overview of the existing and planned communication for a local non-profit I'm working with as part of a Change Challenge team.

  • The World's Greatest App Settings Reader...

    Ten years into reading app settings from the app or web.config file, I decided to capture the pattern in this class.

  • Getting to "How" - Lessons from 8th Grade Journalism Applied to Social Media Strategy

    Part 1 – Ask the Right Questions, in the Right Order.

    Many people and organizations are asking, “How can I take advantage of social media?” Unfortunately, figuring that out isn’t easy. Complicating the issue is that advise they do receive is frequently incomplete and difficult to translate into actionable steps that easily align with your communication goals. 

    These are some of the things I’ve overhead so called “experts” give as advise. …

  • A Data Model for Social Media

    Over the past many months I've been helping a non-profit, Emory Center for Injury Control, create a social media strategy. (Shout out to Change Challenge organizers Jake Aull and Sherry Heyl!)

    You wouldn't believe how many person hours have gone in to this effort. Granted, none of us started out as social media experts, but all of us are early adaptors and obviously enthusiastically embrace social media. (Personally, I'm not a fan of all the noise on facebook. One of my favorite quotes is " …

  • MvcScaffolding for GenericController<T>

    Every time I go to build a new controller, I get the funny feeling that I’m not being very dry…  If I started from scratch, with the visual studio template, it creates a boilerplate controller. ThenI usually end up pasting chuncks of code from various other controllers.

    MvcScaffolding automates the production of the boilerplate but its still there and I find all the duplicate code a little annoying. Let’s take a look at the standard output.

    Wow, that’s a …

  • In Memory XML Serializer

    I got tired of looking up serialization code, so I posted this gist to github.  If your looking to do the same, I hope it saves you some time.